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     Woolrich has been synonymous with quality outdoor clothing for over 180 years. What has not changed in all those years is Woolrich's commitment to quality, value, and products that fit the outdoor lifestyle.

     From toasty winter hats to lightweight baseball caps, you can trust Woolrich hats to deliver the style and fit you’ve come to expect from this dependable brand. With a history of excellent craftsmanship that dates back more than a century, Woolrich has a well-earned reputation for exceeding expectations. When you wear a Woolrich hat, you can feel confident that you’re getting a product that will last for many seasons. Superior quality water repellent fedoras, Outbacks, caps and trappers. Woolrich: The Original Outdoor Clothing Company. 




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“The Original Outdoor Clothing Company.”

      For 180 years, Woolrich's commitment to quality, value, and products that fit the outdoor lifestyle. Superior quality water repellent fedoras, Outbacks, caps, trappers, scarves and gloves. Woolrich: The Original Outdoor Clothing Company.

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Qaulity Woolrich Fabric... Made In U.S.A.




Legend has it this distinctive Scottish pattern, known for centuries as Rob Roy, was dubbed "Buffalo Check Plaid" by the company’s designer (circa 1850) in honor of the small herd of buffalo he owned in central Pennsylvania. By the late 1800s, American buffalo hunters commonly wore the now-famous Woolrich Buffalo Check Shirt. Today, people the world over associate Woolrich with this iconic pattern even though it is used by many companies in many different ways… 







Rooted in the lumbering business of Central Pennsylvania, Woolrich’s solids have adorned almost two centuries of American tradesmen, explorers and soldiers. These rich fabrics are world-renowned for their quality and color. To this day, Woolrich weaves a variety of weights and finishes, from flannels to heavy coatings – 10 to 30 ounces.






The company’s roots with plaid run deep, as reflected in the authenticity and richness of these outdoor-inspired patterns. Woolrich’s special dyeing process allows color to resonate in every fiber. The result is superior plaids and patterns that have depth and texture like none other.





Customers return to Woolrich tweeds time and again because of the hands-on craftsmanship, design expertise, and traditional styling of the brand. The specialty vertical mill stock dyeing process for the use of heathers and nubs is just one of the many advantages designers enjoy when working with the company’s mill. The ability to do small production lots in a variety of artisanal quality fabrics will help meet your needs.





From barn coats to blankets and accessories, Woolrich has made beautiful striped fabrics for generations. The earthy color tones, in vertical, horizontal and ombre patterns, have a timeless quality and can meet your needs in a variety of colors, weights and finishes.





Warmth and wool were synonymous with Woolrich during Civil War times. Woolrich is the only U.S. woolen mill still in operation that supplied woolen fabrics for the Civil War. Today, Woolrich supplies major film studios and re-enactors across the country with the same quality wool goods for uniforms and blankets.




Throughout Woolrich’s history, as garments became unusable, they were oftentimes crafted into braided rugs, hooked rugs, and penny rugs. Today these same fabrics are available to fiber artists who have discovered the joy of creating unique, handmade designs with the superior quality and assortment found in Woolrich fabrics.