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Black Shoes vs. Brown Shoes

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There is no single list of men’s dress rules that are comprehensive and absolute. Some rules suggest that a man should match the metal of the bit on his loafer with the buckle on his belt with the metal on his suspenders with the buttons on his blazer with the metal of his cufflinks. Then there are some rules that have exceptions, such as the rule that a man’s socks should match the color of his pants. Style rules are written in pencil, not ink. Everyone should play around and discover their own style that will show some personality.

How To Choose The Right Shoes

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When shopping for shoes, you want to have more than fashion in mind. Tight shoes can cause blood circulation disorders, ingrown nails or bending fingers. We often buy shoes, guided by its appearance only. It is important to us how attractive and fashionable the shoes look. However, we should choose our footwear with cautiousness, as our health depends on what footwear we wear.

According to the New York Times, roughly 75 percent of Americans will have to deal with foot pain at some point in their lives. Feet take a lot of pressure throughout the day.


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Mary Janes Shoes For Women

Mary Janes shoes became popular in the early twenty-first century, after the popular cartoon character Buster Brown and his sister Mary Jane. While Mary Janes have remained popular footwear for young girls, adult women began to wear them in the 1960s. Mary Janes shoes or bar shoes are simple, flat-soled shoes with bars, or straps, across the instep that fasten with a buckle or button, and, for more recent styles, with Velcro.

Loafers: The Best Men’s Shoes For All Occasions

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men's loafers

Men's shoes are one of the most important (if not the most important) components in men’s image. A man is known and judged by the shoes he wears. Shoes for men are same as makeup, accessories, jewelry, and dresses for women. Here are some shoe styles to consider, if you are planning to add a new member to your shoe arsenal today. We will mention some “a must have” shoes every man must have in his collection, but will talk about only one of them in this article.

The Story Behind The Shoe: Marilyn Monroe’s Pumps

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Classic black or beige pumps with medium heel are the most popular and recommended footwear. These shoes do not have fasteners and stay on the foot only due to the fit. Deep neckline and heels are the distinctive feature of pumps.

Leather Shoe Care 101

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Leather Shoe Care 101

Leather shoes are practical, beautiful and will, with luck, last you a lifetime, if you follow some simple steps to ensure you get extra mileage out of your designer shoes. So, what is the most optimal care for leather shoes? Whether they’re loafers, pumps or wedges, all shoes require TLC.

El Naturalista- Fall/ Winter 2016

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We are excited to bring you the brand El Naturalista. This brilliant brand is ethical, eco-friendly, and is a charitable company. Their shoes are made up of all natural, vegetable tanned leather and is lined with biodegradable bamboo. This family owned brand has been around since 1969 and believes in local sourcing. They manufacture all of their shoes in Spain, and Morocco. On top of all that, with each shoes sold, they donate some of their profits to child aid programs. We can’t get enough of this brand, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Come try on a pair at our Sherman Oaks location.

For Fall and Winter 2016 we are carrying ten different styles.

Foot Care with Step Shoes

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Foot care should be an important part in our lives. After all, our feet are the only thing that will, literally, keep us moving. We understand that everyone’s feet is different, thus making the search for the ultimate comfort shoe difficult. There are many articles on this subject, and you’ve probably heard it all, so we’ll cut to the chase and point out some of the most important things we’ve discovered throughout our many years of experience.

Fly London Summer 2016

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Jul 27, 2016 4:16:40 AM

New arrivals of styles from Fly London are now at our Sherman Oaks Location.

Sidewalk Sale is Near!

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